The Best Tarantula Guide For Beginners And Experts Alike (REVIEWS)

tarantula guide

Getting your first tarantula can be one of the most challenging, nerve wracking experiences for a pet owner. Not only can tarantulas not communicate to you the way a dog or cat would, but they also need to be cared for in a completely different way. Wouldn’t it be great it there was a tarantula guide or something? Good news – there IS!

There are so many things to consider when buying your first tarantula that it can seem overwhelming at first – especially when there is so much conflicting information out there! You’ll find tons of different information about what the best starter tarantulas are, how much humidity certain spiders need, and what certain tarantula behaviors mean. To add to the confusion, there’s even misinformation that could be very dangerous for your new tarantula! How is a first-time tarantula owner supposed to weed through it all?!

tarantula guide

When I first got my chilean rose hair Spidey, I had no clue what I was doing. I bought a ton of stuff for her terrarium that she didn’t need (and was dangerous to her) and I had to learn through trial and error how to keep her environment safe and comfortable for her. However, there was an easier way and I really wish I would have just taken the time to find a tarantula guide before jumping into the tarantula keeping hobby – so that’s why I’m suggesting a great source of information to you. So you don’t have to stumble through being a first-time tarantula owner like I did, or you can be well-equipped to take on another spider if you’re a more experienced tarantula owner.

I’ve had a tarantula for several years now and have learned quite a bit during that time. I’d have to say that through all the information I’ve gathered, that hands down the best tarantula guide is “The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide: Comprehensive Information On Care, Housing, and Feeding.”


tarantula guide tarantula guide

Let’s just say there is a reason this tarantula guide has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon. Beginning and experienced tarantula owners alike have found this book helpful in its complete, comprehensive way of laying out exactly what needs to be done when welcoming a new spider into the family.

Charles Senescall of the Australian Invertebrates Forum gave this tarantula guide a raving review:

“For the keen enthusiast there is one book that is regarded world wide as the bible of tarantula keeping and that book is The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide…The book is in reality a keeper’s manual as well as being a very enjoyable read for the enthusiast. It will immediately become your first port of call for reference purposes. It is suitable for beginner through to advanced enthusiasts…I cannot recommend this book too highly. Every tarantula keeper should have a copy in their library. If you only buy one book on tarantulas this should be that book. Run, don’t walk to your computer and order a copy now.”

One Amazon review, Scott Nokes, was a first-time tarantula owner who was extremely overwhelmed by the conflicting information online about tarantulas and luckily, this tarantula guide was the answer to his prayers:

“This book is awesome. I have purchased my first Chilean rose hair tarantula and tried to learn from online forums etc about husbandry. All I could find was a mixed up mess of people saying opposites and not any real world down to earth advice our resources. I’ve just started reading the first few chapters and have a lot of knowledge already and feel like I’m getting more confident tho give my T what he needs for a enjoyable healthy life. This is the line and only book needed on the subject. 1.000.000% recommended.”

We are so glad that there is a place where tarantula hobbyists can find accurate advice, all in once place. Books like this are so valuable, and should be a welcome addition to any tarantula owner’s bookshelf. We’re thankful to the authors of Tarantula Keeper’s Guide for putting together such a great resource!

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