Mexican Redrump [Brachypelma vagans]

red rump

Common name: Mexican Redrump

Scientific name: Brachypelma vagans

Appearance: The Mexican Redrump has jet black hairs on its legs and abdomen. The abdomen is liberally sprinkled with fine red hairs. The carapace is edged with cream and has thin radiating lines of cream coloring.

Origin: Belize, El Salvador and Guatemala

Type: New world, Terrestrial, burrowing

Size: adults are 4 – 5 inches

Life span: Females – up to 25 years, Males mature in 1-2 years

Attitude: Mexican Redrumps are very skittish and quick. They are considered docile and a good beginner tarantula.


Defensive behavior: Mexican Redrumps are considered mostly docile but can be skittish and sometimes aggressive. This species also has urticating hairs on its abdomen.These hairs can cause allergic reactions, rashes and itching.

Bite danger: Mexican Redrump venom is considered low toxicity.

Handling: Always use caution when handling any tarantula, no matter how docile.

Diet/Nutrition: Mexican Redrump tarantulas will eat crickets, mealworms, silkworms, waxworms, cockroaches.


Housing (see our shop for products!):

  • Tank: Adults will need a 10-gallon terrarium
  • Substrate: 4 – 5 inches of peat moss, potting soil, or coconut husk substrate.
  • Decor: Drift wood or a small hide should be provided.
  • Humidity: The humidity should be 55 to 65%
  • Lighting: Lighting is not necessary for this species.
  • Water: A small, shallow water dish should always be present.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for Mexican Redrumps is 75° – 80°F.


Fun facts: Mexican Redrumps have been recently found in Florida!

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