Cure Arachnophobia For Good By Watching This (VIDEO)

Yes, you CAN cure arachnophobia!

Arachnophobia, as many people are aware, is the fear of spiders and other arachnids (like scorpions. While true arachnophobia is certainly no laughing matter and should be taken as seriously as any phobia, many people are simply scared of spiders because they are brought up to think that these beautiful creatures are evil and are out to get them.

Hollywood has done a great job of making spiders out to be the bad guy in horror films and television shows. From the time they are children, people are conditioned to fear spiders and be weary of them. However, this is mostly thanks to fear-mongering and the spread of misinformation. If a true phobia has not taken hold of a person, it is completely possible to cure arachnophobia.

The truth of the matter is that most spiders are NOT deadly, and are NOT aggressive. And believe it or not, once you actually get to know them up close, many are downright adorable! That’s why there’s even more of a reason to see the latest viral video of a spider, which was created by animator Joshua Slice. Slice is the genius behind “Lucas the spider”, which he describes as a “test of a character I’ve been working on.” He wrote:

“I’m responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering. The voice acting is provided by my nephew, Lucas.”

While the artistry of this alone is SO worth noting, we’re excited about the implications this could have for people who simply need to open their minds about spiders in order to cure their arachnophobia. Lucas the spider makes arachnids non-threatening and super cute, which will undoubtedly help people look at spiders differently – which is really the first step toward overcoming arachnophobia!

To cure arachnophobia, take a look at Lucas the spider in action:

Do you think Lucas can cure arachnophobia?! And while you’re at it, here’s another adorable spider!

Do you have any tips to help cure arachnophobia? Leave them in the comments below!

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