Brazilian Giant White Knee [Acanthoscurria geniculata]


Common name: Brazilian Giant White Knee

Scientific name: Acanthoscurria geniculata

Appearance: The Brazilian Giant White Knee, unlike many of the larger terrestrial tarantulas, is very colorful in its appearance due to the brilliant white stripes that adorn its leg joints.

Origin: Forests of northern Brazil

Type: New world, Terrestrial

Size: Adults are 7 – 8 inches

Life span: Females – up to 12 years, Male lifespan is shorter

Attitude: Semi-aggressive and nervous.


Defensive behavior: Brazilian Giant White Knee is a bold tarantula, but not aggressive as an adult. It may use a defensive pose, but would rather retreat than stand and fight. It rarely kicks hair.

Bite danger: If you are bitten, this has been likened to a bee sting. A small percentage of people are allergic to bee stings so care should be taken.

Handling: Always use caution when handling any tarantula, no matter how docile.

Diet/Nutrition: This is a hungry, greedy tarantula. Brazilian Giant White Knee spiderlings eat pinhead crickets and other small insects. Adults eat crickets, other large insects, small lizards, pinkie mice, and an occasional fuzzy mouse.


Housing (see our shop for products!):

10 gallon tarantula tank

Temperature: The ideal temperature for Brazilian Giant White Knees is 80° – 85°F.


Fun facts: Brazilian Giant White Knees can tackle food many times their own size!

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