Beginner’s Guide To The Brazilian Black Tarantula


Common name: Brazilian Black Tarantula

Scientific name: Grammostola pulchra

Appearance: Brazilian Blacks get their name from their rich, black velvety hair.

Origin: Brazil and Uruguay


Type: New World, terrestrial, burrowing

Size: Legspan can get up to 8 inches. This species grows slowly.

Life span: Males: 5-6 years, Females: 20+ years

Attitude: The Brazilian Black tarantula is active and docile. A great beginner tarantula.
Grammostola pulchra Mello-Leitao 1921, female, Uruguay

Defensive behavior: Brazilian Black tarantulas tend to be docile, fairly tolerant to handling and usually don’t bite but keep in mind every tarantula is different.

Bite danger: Relatively mild venom, but care should be taken since the fangs of an adult are large enough to do mechanical damage.

Handling: Very calm and tolerant of handling, however one should always be careful when handling any tarantula.

Diet/Nutrition: Brazilian Blacks are opportunistic eaters. Spiderlings will eat pinhead crickets, roach nymphs, and other small insects; 1-2 prey items every other day. Adults eat crickets, other large insects, such as various species of roaches; 3-8 prey items per month depending on prey size.

Housing (see our shop for products!):

  • Enclosure: Adults will need a 10-15 gallon enclosure with good ventilation and a secure lid.
  • Substrate: deep, fairly dry substrate (4 – 5 inches of coconut coir, or dry potting soil)
  • Decor: This species requires a hide, such as a large piece of cork bark
  • Humidity: A full water dish with moist substrate around the dish will provide enough humidity.
  • Lighting: Brazilian Blacks don’t need lighting, but they seem to enjoy basking near light (15 watt florescent lights should work). 
  • Water: A small, shallow water dish should always be present.
  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for Brazilian Blacks is 75° – 85°F.

Brazilian black

Fun facts: Under observation, Brazilian black tarantulas are known to burrow immediately after being disturbed.

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