Bolivian Black Velvet [Acanthoscurria insubtilis]

chaco mousy brown

Common name: Bolivian Black Velvet

Scientific name: Acanthoscurria insubtilis

Appearance: A Bolivian Black Velvet is chocolate brown with a cream border around the carapace and faint striping on the legs.

Origin: Bolivia

Type: New world, Terrestrial

Size: Adults are 6-7 inches

Life span: 15 for females, 5+ for males

Attitude: Not aggressive, docile.

Defensive behavior: The Bolivian Black Velvet tarantula isn’t likely to become defensive.

Bite danger: If you are bitten, this has been likened to a bee sting. A small percentage of people are allergic to bee stings so care should be taken.

Handling: Always use caution when handling any tarantula, no matter how docile.

Diet/Nutrition: This is a hungry tarantula. Bolivian Black Velvet spiderlings eat pinhead crickets and other small insects. Adults eat crickets and roaches.


Housing (see our shop for products!):

  • Tank: Adults will need a 10-15 gallon terrarium
  • Substrate: 4 – 5 inches of peat moss, potting soil, or coconut husk substrate.
  • Decor: Drift wood or a small hide should be provided.
  • Humidity: The humidity should be 65 to 75%
  • Lighting: Lighting is not necessary for this species.
  • Water: A small, shallow water dish should always be present.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for Bolivian Black Velvet is 70° – 80°F.

chaco mousy brown

Fun facts: Bolivian Black Velvets are fast-growing and can get as big as 4 inches in one year!

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