Decode Your Tarantula’s Body Language In ONE Easy Step (IMAGE)

tarantula body language

Figuring out your tarantula’s body language can greatly help you have a better understanding of your pet.


Tarantulas are a major mystery to experts and beginners alike – especially when it comes to a tarantula’s body language. There is much more that needs to be studied about these incredible animals. One of the things that can be most confusing about these creatures is their unique stances and particular moods, which can sometimes change in an instant. Since tarantulas cannot talk or give us feedback like cats and dogs, it’s important to learn and understand your pet’s body language to avoid misunderstandings and give your tarantula what it needs.

While you can definitely observe your tarantula’s body language over time and do gentle tests on its mood to get to know your pet, there are some faster, easier ways to recognize what your tarantula is feeling at any point in time. As tarantulas are often referred to as “pet holes”, it can sometimes be challenging – which is why we’ve put together this useful guide.

So whether you’re a new or experienced tarantula owner, this is basically all you need to know about a tarantula’s body language! Prepare to be blown away!

tarantula's body language

Tarantula Heaven

Just kidding! This is only partially true, and if you already have a pet tarantula, you can likely relate to not seeing your pet for long periods of time until they’re finally hungry and ready to eat – especially if it’s a finicky species of tarantula like the chilean rose hair (g. rosea)!

On a more serious not, if you’d like more detailed info about tarantula body language, continue on here! While this post is meant to be in good fun, having a real understanding of your tarantula’s body language is something that all tarantula owners should familiarize themselves with.

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Featured image via David Boté Estrada