Tarantula Calendar For 2018: The Perfect Way To Enjoy Tarantulas All Year (IMAGES)

tarantula calendar

A tarantula calendar is the perfect way to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of these fascinating, misunderstood creatures all year round.

I often get contacted on my tarantula tumblr blog by all sorts of different people – people who are trying to conquer their habilitating arachnophobia, people who are trying to get into the tarantula keeping hobby, or people who have loved tarantulas since they came out of their mother’s womb. No matter who you are, if you are interested in spiders or tarantulas (or want to get over your fear of them), one of the best things you can do is have a constant reminder that these amazing babies are not the scary, vicious predators that everyone thinks they are.

As a special treat for the year ahead of us, I’ve created a tarantula calendar for 2018 as a tribute to these wonderful beauties. Using the most beautiful photography of tarantulas that I could find (I literally scoured Flickr), I compiled some of the best tarantula photos, and I think I definitely nailed it when it comes to showcasing how mysterious and captivating these animals are (I even threw in a spide paw or two!).

Here’s a little preview of my tarantula calendar – I hope you like it!

tarantula calendar tarantula calendar tarantula calendar tarantula calendar tarantula calendar tarantula calendar

It’s always been my hope, with this website and my other tarantula blogs, that with more exposure and more accurate, insightful information about tarantulas, that people would embrace tarantulas more and be less afraid of spiders in general. This tarantula calendar is yet another one of my attempts to show tarantulas in a more positive light and help reframe the fear-based stories that people have been told to believe about them. After all, it’s pretty damn hard to be afraid of a creature that looks so beautiful!

I’ve listed this calendar on Cafepress. While I would love to be able to give these calendars out for free, this website does take quite some money and time to continue running, so a small percentage of this sale would help support this site and my work in tarantula activism <3

Featured image via Caroline Granycome / Flickr

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