Tarantula Being Eaten Alive Fights Its Way Out Of Toad’s Mouth (VIDEO/IMAGES)


An extremely brave tarantula that just wouldn’t give up has been inspiring people around the world with its incredible escape. This story made headlines after biologist Michael Bogan shared his pictures and videos of this unusual spider while hiking in Arizona’s Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. It all began when he looked down to admire a Sonoran Desert toad – but something didn’t […]

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Escaped Pregnant Tarantula Makes Everyone In NYC Freak Out (IMAGE)


I saw this story last year, and I still think it’s hilarious and worth sharing because it literally made people lose their minds! It all started when someone posted a “Missing” sign about their Mexican Red Rump tarantula named Penelope, who was apparently very pregnant. The message said the little eight-legged lady had escaped and was wandering around Brooklyn, and her […]

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