A Spider Calendar To Bless Every Arachnid Lover’s Home All Year Long (IMAGES)


When I was trying to start my 2018 off right, I searched far and wide for a tarantula and spider calendar that would help me keep track of my goals and keep my life together. Unfortunately, I kept coming up short in my searches. Don’t get me wrong – there WERE spider calendars out there, but they were either outdated or not very good quality. I was looking for something that I would be PROUD to display in my home for an entire year – not something that would make my office look like a teenager’s bedroom wall.

As I am always working on several projects at once (I currently have a full-time job, I’m halfway through grad school, and I’m developing 3 different side businesses), I can’t afford not to have a good calendar to help me keep track of things. So since I couldn’t find the spider calendar of my dreams, I decided to use my undergraduate degree in Graphic Design to make one myself.

I got on Flickr and to my surprise, there were all these GORGEOUS tarantula photographs that were free to be used (with proper credit, of course!). I was so excited I got to work on it right away, and I’m proud to share that I’ve created something that I would truly be proud to have hanging up in my home. I’d like to share it with you, in case you have found yourself in the same predicament.

Here are just a few pages from my spider calendar – I hope you like it! I focused on tarantulas mostly, because I found that the spider photography on Flickr was not as great.

spider calendar spider calendar spider calendar spider calendar spider calendar


I really hope you enjoy all the pictures and beautiful spiders! I’ve listed this spider calendar on Cafepress (which is the cheapest option), Redbubble and Zazzle so that you have options for your favorite site.

One thing I’m really passionate about is tarantula and spider activism, and I believe that exposure and education are two of the most powerful things we can do as far as helping people to get over things like arachnophobia or disgust toward these beautiful creatures. Having a spider calendar hanging up in your house is a great way to start a conversation about the tarantula keeping hobby or educate your friends/family members about spiders and how important they are!

And if nothing else, I just hope my spider calendar helps you get your new year organized and ready to conquer 2018! Check out the full calendar here!

Featured image via Tarantulaland / Flickr