If you sign up for an arachnoboards account, you can peruse the classifieds and premium classifieds. People sell adult slings, T cages, sexed pairs, slings, etc. You can also post an advertisement saying ‘I am looking for 3″ B. smithi’ or whatever you’re searching for. You can also read reviews of dealers and breeders before you buy!

Info via Count Tarantula

Perks: The guy that runs this, Bruce, is knowledgeable, friendly, and happy to answer any questions.

Live Arrive Guarantee: Valid 24 hours after arrival to the recipient. He is also willing to ship outside the country if you make the proper arrangements.

His selections include: tarantulas and other spiders, whip scorpions, scorpions, centipedes and other inverts, geckos, turtles, and snakes (boas, corns, pythons, and hognose). He also sells his own mixed substrate, hides, heat lamps, and cage setups.

Info via Awesome Arachnids
Perks: Freebies are offered at $30 and $100+ and their LAG is very generous!
Shipping Cost: Overnight – $39 or 2 day – $25
Live Arrive Guarantee: On overnight shipping they over a LAG with a 7 day health guarantee to boot! I assume this means if the T dies on day 3, it is covered. But I would ask just to be certain. On 2 day shipping they over LAG so long as temperatures are above 50f and below 90f.

Info via Count Tarantula
Perks: I’ve seen him offer freebies on occasion and he does run seasonal sales.
Shipping cost: Overnight (signature required) – $39 or 2 day – $19
Live Arrive Guarantee: Available on overnight shipping only & if you spend over $30.

Info via Count Tarantula
Perks: Freebies are offered at $100 and $150+.
Shipping Cost: Overnight – $45 or 2 day – $25
Live Arrive Guarantee: Offered on overnight shipping only.

Info via Count Tarantula
Perks: Sometimes he has sales at the end of the month to clear out stock and make room for new. I think the last sale he had was 30% off until March 1st. He also had Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. No freebies though.
Shipping cost: Fed-Ex overnight – $45 or Fed-Ex 2-day – $25
Live Arrive Guarantee: Available on overnight shipping only.

Info via Count Tarantula
Perks: There is always a freebie offered! One freebie on any order over $20 dollars! And you can get a more deluxe freebie at a purchase of $100+.
Shipping Cost: Fed-Ex Overnight – $40 or Fed-Ex 2 day – $20
Live Arrive Guarantee: Available on overnight shipping only.

Info via Count Tarantula

Perks: Run by a couple based out of Montreal, Quebec. They are very knowledgable arachnid enthusiasts.

Live Arrive Guarantee: Live upon arrival and have a 7 day guarantee if the specimen ends up dying within 7 days of arriving to the recipient.

Selections include: tarantulas, trapdoors, true spiders (including black widows and huntsman spiders), amblypygi, whip scorpions, centipedes, and hermit crabs. Also sells hermit crab food.

Info via Awesome Arachnids


FOOD SOURCES (info via Followthebluebell)


Mulberry Farms – Wide variety of feeders

Linda’s Gone Buggie – Good prices and a wide variety of feeders.

Dubi Deli – Focuses on dubia roaches. Good prices, fast shipping.

WestCoastRoaches – Good prices, weekly deals, fast shipping.

Lady Silkworm – Focuses on silkworms.

Kimbrell’s Coldblood – Sells dubia and discoid.

Rhactastic Rhacs – Dubia roaches and breeding packages of dubia.

Florida Silkworms – Silkworms and dubia,  only in LARGE amounts (500 or more).

Great Lakes Hornworm – Hornworms, superworms, mealworms and crickets.

Rainbow Mealworms – Wide variety of feeders.

Phoenix Worms – Phoenix worms (aka reptiworms/calciworms).

Reptiworms – Same as above, but cheaper.

RoachCrossing – Variety of feeder and pet roaches.

Timberline Live Food – Variety of feeders.


The Live Food Warehouse – Variety of feeders.

Silkworm Store – Variety and silkworms

Rick’s Livefood – Variety of feeders.


RECORP INC. – Variety of feeders.

The Worm Lady – Mostly worms and rodents.

Super Cricket – Crickets.



The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide – This book includes detailed information on the natural history and biology of these fascinating creatures, and the care chapter has been completely updated and revised. The book is filled with color photos and scientifically accurate line art, most of which examples are new to this second edition. Since its initial publication, hobbyists have come to consider this book the “Bible of Arachnoculture.”


Arachnoboards Forum – Get great advice from spider experts.








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